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E-T-A PowerPlex® is an open system. Through defined and recorded CAN commands the system may be controlled by any suitable computer.

Hardware and CAN commands are in conformance with the SAE J1939 standard. This allows the use of touch panels as a modern operating interface as well as the automation of certain functions by means of a central on-board computer.

You can get all information about E-T-A PowerPlex® in our Manual Download.

Volume 1: System Description

Volume 2: Hardware Installation

Volume 3: System Setup and Configuration

Instructions for installation: PowerPlex Compact Module

Instruction for installation: PowerPlex Manual Mini Module

PowerPlex Manual Mini Module

Instruction for installation: PowerPlex® Manual Touch Panel 7.0

PowerPlex Manual Touch Panel 7.0

Installation and Operating Instructions: PowerPlex® Keypads

Installation and Operating Instructions: PowerPlex® Keypads

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