Tipo: ESR30

Descrizione breve

~ 52 mm
Typ ESR30 von E-T-A: Das elektronische Standardrelais ESR30 kommt überall dort zum Einsatz, wo Lasten zu schalten sind.

The ESR20 standard solid state relay can replace standard automotive relays in all applications where loads must be switched, for example the controllers of pumps, valves, lighting or fans. It extends our portfolio of plug-in type automotive solid state relays by a 50 A version in Mini format. 

The ESR30 solid state relay features high continuous current and switching frequency as well as long endurance and noiseless switching operation. In addition it is extremely resistant against environmental influences.

  • It ensures full usability over the vehicle’s entire life span due to wear-free switching operations. Costly complaints or service works are eliminated.
  • Noiseless switching operations ensure unrivalled driver convenience.
  • An innovative cooling system reduces heat buildup.
  • The ESR30 offers flexible use due to an enormous resistance against environmental conditions such as dust, humidity and vibration.

The ESR30 standard solid state relays are available for DC 24 V applications and are suitable for standard automotive relay sockets to ISO 7588 (ISO MINI).

Dati tecnici

Tensione del carico DC 24 V
Continuous current 50 A
solamento fisico del circuito di carico (dopo la disconnessione elettronica da sovracorrente) 1 (NO)
Range di temperatura -40 °C … +85 °C
Terminali ISO 7588 MINI socket
Montaggio zoccolo per automotive standard
Design Cubic enclosure 30 mm x 30 mm x 40 mm
Feature Powerful solid state relay
Contact system type electronic


  • Autobus: transito e scuola
  • Macchine agricole e forestali
  • Macchine per l’edilizia
  • Mezzi pesanti
  • Nautica
  • Settore automobilistico
  • Veicoli speciali

Scopes of applications

  • Monitoring of all switching operations of loads such as pumps, valves, lighting and fans.


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