Tipo: SCS10

Descrizione breve

~ 52 mm
Typ SCS10 von E-T-A: Das smarte Relais SCS10 gehört zu den kleinsten Komponenten der SCS Produktfamilie.

The smart SCS10 relay belongs to smallest components of the SCS product group. This mini control unit can easily be included in existing systems via a customer-specific software.

The SCS10 stands out due to a versatile range of applications, e.g. supplementing sensors, use of voltage monitors or controlling fans and hydraulic valves with dithering function.

  • Increased flexibility and additional safety due to a versatile smart relay with communication capabilities
  • Reduction of complexity through custom designed software which is adapted to the switching and measuring functions of the application
  • High availability over the entire life span due to state-of-the-art semiconductor technology.

The SCS10 smart relay is available for DC 12 V and DC 24 V applications and is suitable for standard automotive relay sockets to ISO 7588 (ISO MINI).

Software and specification requirements are set up in direct co-operation with our customers. Alternatively, we will shortly be able to offer a programming option for these mini control units by an intuitive, graphical design environment.

Dati tecnici

Tensione del carico DC 12 V/ DC 24 V
Numero di poli unipolare
Range di temperatura -40° C … +85° C
Montaggio zoccolo per automotive standard
Contact system type electronic


  • Autobus: transito e scuola
  • Macchine agricole e forestali
  • Macchine per l’edilizia
  • Mezzi pesanti

Scopes of applications

  • Optional extension of an existing CAN system to ISO 11898, SAE J1939 is possible.
  • A sensor or other equipment options can be added which are queried or controlled by the central control unit.
  • Use of voltage monitor by using an analog input.
  • Recording motor rotation speed by evaluation of the frequency at the input.
  • Activation of fans and hydraulic valves to increase system availability by gentle start-up and dithering function.


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