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The right protection for different conditions:

Protezione Elettronica da Sovracorrente

La protezione elettronica da sovracorrente in applicazioni DC24V garantisce un veloce rilevamento e risoluzione di sovraccarichi e corto circuiti. Ciò incrementa significativamente la produttività.

Il video vi offre una breve panoramica dei vantaggi.

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IP65 rated E-T-A 3120 rocker-actuated circuit breaker E-T-A

For applications in harsh environmental conditions, E-T-A offers the 3120 circuit breaker switch combination with an integrated seal. The new seal is IP65 rated. Even fine dust or water jets will not damage or cause failure to the device or to the equipment where it is used. Compared to standard PVC splash covers, the new E-T-A accordion-style seal not only protects the actuation area but also provides front panel sealing for ideal IP protection.

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E-T-A automotive solid state relay ESR10

The ESR10 Micro is a compact and cutting edge automotive solid state relay. It is suitable for all vehicles - from passenger cars to utility vehicles, buses to construction machinery and agricultural vehicles. Its is available at power levels up to 30A, making it the most powerful ISO Micro solid state relay on the market.

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3120 Circuit breakers/switch combination: fewer components, more functionality

Learn more about the functions and advantages of the 3120 ON/OFF switch with integral resettable overcurrent protection and unique push-in technology.

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Electronic DC 24 V circuit protectors help to detect overcurrents and short circuits in your machinery faster. This significantly increases machine uptime.

The video gives you a brief overview of the functionality.

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Continuous availability is a top priority in factory automation.
For reliable DC 24 V protection you need electronic overcurrent protection. It reliably detects overcurrent and short circuit and features a custom trip limit.

The video gives you a brief overview of the advantages.

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EBU – Electronic Breaker Unit

E-T-A unveils a world first: the EBU (Electronic Breaker Unit), a newly designed hybrid protective element for a stable energy security of UPS systems.

The video gives you a brief overview of the functions.

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Product animations

Get to know its functions:

E-T-A Power distribution modules - tailored exactly to your needs

The modular system massively reduces project run time.

  • Load terminals in push-in technology
  • Decoupling diodes with integral heat sink
  • Protection by means of electronic or electro-mechanical circuit breakers

Learn more about the different functions:

REX system: All-in-one solution

Supply, overcurrent protection and power distribution in a single system. E-T-A’s compact and flexible REX system represents a comprehensive DC 24 V protection and distribution solution for machine and panel builders, under the headline »all in one«

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Modul 18plus

The new power distribution system Module 18plus is a compact wiring solution for all load and signal lines of the DC 24 V control voltage. Its extremely flexible operation is shown in this animation.

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