MPR/HPR Power relays

E-T-A power relays are ideal for switching high current loads up to 300 amps as well as battery management in buses, trucks, construction machinery, agricultural vehicles and forestry equipment and specialty vehicles. The power relays are made with high-end and corrosion-proof materials, making them extremely robust and able to withstand environmental factors like shock, vibration, water and dust. The compact design and low weight enables flexible installation in demanding applications.

The extremely low holding current at the bi-stable MPR10 and the mono-stable MPR20 reduces power consumption which can result in cost savings and environmental benefits. The intelligent HPR10 power relay includes and electronic control unit. It allows on or off delay, under-voltage or over-voltage detection as well as level or pulse control.

We would be pleased to advise you on the possible applications of our power relays.

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