Tipo: MPR20

Descrizione breve

91,3 mm

The MPR20 is a monostable electro-mechanical power relay. Its integral electronic control circuitry helps reduce power consumption in the holding power by the factor 10 compared to standard power relays. It can both switch and carry 300 A. In the event of a power disruption, the relay will at once go into its original state due to its monostable design. This provides more safety and reliability. Reduction of holding power and of the pull-in power allows direct connection to the controlgear and provides additional cost reduction and environmental advantages despite a monostable design. By using standard termination technologies and mounting dimensions, the MPR20 can easily and quickly replace conventional relays.

  • Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emission due to an 90 % lower holding power
  • Flexible installation for demanding applications due to a robust, waterproof and dust-proof design
  • Reduced installation time through direct connection to the controlgear

NUOVO! Ora disponibile anche con robusto connettore plug-in, compatibile con la serie di connettori HDSCS
NUOVO! Estensione a 48 V nel circuito di carico

Riduzione tempo e costi

  • attraverso un montaggio rapido e senza problemi
  • grazie all'isolamento dei contatti di controllo dagli agenti ambientali
  • grazie all'elevata resistenza alle vibrazioni e alle sollecitazioni meccaniche

Dati tecnici

Tensione nominale DC 12 V
DC 24 V
DC 48 V
Tensione operativa DC 16...32 V
DC 9...16 V
Corrente continua 100 A
200 A
300 A
Numero di poli unipolare
Campo temperatura -40 °C …. + 85 °C
Terminali Terminali di carico M8 o M10
Morsetti di controllo M4 o HDSCS
Montaggio M4 connectors side and foot
foot flange
holes with compression limiter
side flange
Design Cylindrical enclosure
Caratteristica Mechanical power relay for harsh application conditions.

Particularly power-saving thanks to the electronic control of the monostable drive, which reduces power consumption during operation by a factor of 10.
Tipo sistema di contatto mechanical
Approvazioni KBA E1 (ECE-R10)


  • Automotive
  • Carrello elevatore
  • Nautica & Veicoli
  • Veicoli Commerciali
  • Veicoli a guida automatica (AGV)
  • Veicoli ferroviari


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